Meet our DSM Families

The Piechutowska Family Polish-German Background

'Coming from a multinational background, we always knew that our children would grow up multilingual, simultaneously learning to speak German, Polish and English. It was with real sense of anticipation that we enrolled Matilda in the Foundation Year in 2013, followed by her sister in 2016. Our primary goal was to reinforce our children’s spoken German, learnt at home, by assisting them in becoming fluent in reading and writing German. Giving the girls the tools to later live and study in Germany was also an important consideration when choosing the school. DSM enables our girls to live multicultural and multilingual lives, effortlessly moving between languages and cultures, learning to understand and appreciate their special connection to both Germany and Australia. We love DSM for its small class sizes and the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of teachers. The school fosters individual growth while imbuing children with a strong sense of community. An outstanding feature of DSM is its tightly-knit and supportive school community. Parents are actively involved in the school. Our family has been running the children’s Movie Night for the past 5 years, screening German-language children’s films every school term. The Movie Nights provide students with yet another opportunity to improve their German comprehension skills while having fun with their friends. The entire school community gets actively involved in the Christmas Market, which has become a massive event locally and for the broader German community in Melbourne. We are usually found on cake stall duty, with our German-Polish Baked Cheesecake (recipe in the Lecker cook book!) selling out within minutes. The fact that all children know each other, from Foundation Year to Grade 6, and feel comfortable with and assist each other, is a great testament to the cohesion of the whole school and fantastic leadership by the teacher team. We have made life-long friendships with other DSM parents and our children have thrived and grown thanks to Deutsche Schule Melbourne.'

The Arbaci Family English-English background

'We discovered Deutsche Schule Melbourne whilst enjoying an Oktoberfest fundraiser back in 2009, before even contemplating children. With a strong German background in our family, we were excited to see there was a school that we could consider for our children that would provide them the gift of the German language as well as exposure to the cultural aspects a bilingual school can bring. We attended an Open Day, saw the benefits of a bilingual education and enrolled our son. He joined the school in 2018 as a Foundation Year student. Our daughter will soon be attending as well. The diversity that the school brings in terms of Australians with German heritage, native Germans working in Australia along with Australians with no connection to Germany was an attractive proposition for our family and one that attracted us to the school. Zac has connected strongly with the school and enjoys the bilingual education he is receiving, in particular being able to converse with his ‘Opa’. Having one parent as a non-German speaker, the opportunity to learn and interact with Zac and as well as learn an additional language is a wonderful opportunity for our family to connect. He is very eager to get to school early in the morning and spend some extra time before and after the bell with his teachers and friends. One of the biggest benefits of DSM is the community feel. In the lead up to Zac commencing his Foundation Year, we participated in the 'Weihnachtsmarkt' in 2011, helping out at the sausage stall. Here we met a number of parents across all year levels and have built on those relationships over the last few years. We love the opportunity that Deutsche Schule Melbourne will give our children with not only a second language but also the warm community feel and friendships made.' 

The Backwell family English-English background

'We have been at DSM since 2016 when Claude entered the Foundation Year, having attended the FROEBEL Bilingual Early Learning Centre next to DSM for their kindergarten program in 2015. We love DSM and feel very privileged to be able to give our child the gift of a bilingual education. And whilst learning a second language is important in its own right, DSM also attracts a very diverse and international group of families in which Claude can learn different customs and ways of being that can only serve to enrich his understanding of and curiosity about the larger world and his ability to function with confidence in it. And so, for our family, a German bilingual education is proving to be the perfect pathway to creating a good global citizen. DSM has become a second family for us and we cherish all of the friendships that we, as a family, have made.'

The Wolf family German-English background

'After our experiences in other schools around Melbourne, DSM is a unique and enriching experience for children, parents and no doubt teachers alike. We have four children and three that are school age and attending DSM from Foundation Year to Year 3. We have made this decision to give our children a German cultural immersion (German traditions, language and native German teachers). We believe this is such an advantage for personal growth, understanding and knowledge for life. By sending our children to a small school, we know that our children will not be lost in the system which we have experienced. DSM has a strong community among parents and teachers and we feel that our children are cared for in the very best way and that they feel safe. We have been very impressed by our children’s development over the past two years at DSM, especially with that of our son, who has greatly improved since joining the school in mid-2017 to now. After just half a year he has made progress in many areas and now he is speaking German to other classmates. We thank DSM for all your hard work and support!'