The Piechutowska Family

'Coming from a multinational background, we always knew that our children would grow up multilingual, simultaneously learning to speak German, Polish and English. It was with real sense of anticipation that we enrolled Matilda in the Foundation Year in 2013, followed by her sister in 2016.

Our primary goal was to reinforce our children’s spoken German, learnt at home, by assisting them in becoming fluent in reading and writing German. Giving the girls the tools to later live and study in Germany was also an important consideration when choosing the school. DSM enables our girls to live multicultural and multilingual lives, effortlessly moving between languages and cultures, learning to understand and appreciate their special connection to both Germany and Australia. 

We love DSM for its small class sizes and the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of teachers. The school fosters individual growth while imbuing children with a strong sense of community. An outstanding feature of DSM is its tightly-knit and supportive school community. Parents are actively involved in the school. Our family has been running the children’s Movie Night for the past 5 years, screening German-language children’s films every school term. The Movie Nights provide students with yet another opportunity to improve their German comprehension skills while having fun with their friends. The entire school community gets actively involved in the Christmas Market, which has become a massive event locally and for the broader German community in Melbourne. We are usually found on cake stall duty, with our German-Polish Baked Cheesecake (recipe in the Lecker cook book!) selling out within minutes. 

The fact that all children know each other, from Foundation Year to Grade 6, and feel comfortable with and assist each other, is a great testament to the cohesion of the whole school and fantastic leadership by the teacher team. We have made life-long friendships with other DSM parents and our children have thrived and grown thanks to Deutsche Schule Melbourne.'