Pedagogical Quality Management (PQM) at DSM

The goal of PQM is to improve the quality of the school with lasting impact. German Schools Abroad practice this as part of the Foreign School Management (AQM). It essentially controls and oversees all continuous and systematic development processes.

All individual projects of the school will be phased and matched up and will be aligned with the school's Vision and Mission Statement that is developed together.

The control group as well as the PQM organiser will ensure that all projects will move forward. The core work of PQM is to cooperatively work out a school program and avoid possible counterproductive projects in case there are too many side-by-side.

We will form processes of conscious analysis and self-critical orientation of established processes, extend on our strengths and optimise where we deem necessary.

Term 1 / 2023 Update:

For 2023, we will work on our Vision and Mission Statement, to ensure our strategic orientation will stand on solid grounds. In Term 1, the teacher group has worked on a statement of 'shared purpose' to gain a common understanding of the mission at DSM. The board has approved to continuously work on the Vision & Mission statement for 2023 so that the next steps will follow soon.

Term 2 /2023 Update:

During the second Term there were two workshops in regards to the 'Vision & Mission Statement'. The board and the parent community were invited to identify the purpose that drives the decision to send children to our school. In all cases these are conscious decisions being made, but there are varying reasons behind them. The idea is to find the drivers for a 'shared purpose between all groups'. Furthermore, the parents' workshop collected which values play a central role in the decision for DSM. The teachers talked about values such as trust, responsibility, etc. in addition to many other things. Additional topics were discussed with the parents group. Among other things, the topic of diversity and inclusion was discussed. Aptly formulated by "come-as-you-areness".

The results have been summarized and are currently being prepared as a survey to present to all parents and to ask for feedback and additions. This will happen in Term 3.

During our Student Free Day, teachers were asked to work on values that are central to the team and they developed ideas on how to promote them further in everyday school life. The suggestions are currently in discussion and student feedback is being collected.

Stay tuned for further updates.