Your Contact for all Enrolment Enquiries

Your contact for all Enrolment matters is our Admissions Manager Stefanie Dietrich.

Admissions Manager Stefanie Dietrich

Our Admissions Manager Stefanie Dietrich has been with Deutsche Schule Melbourne for 10 years and knows - almost - everything about our school. She will be more than happy to show you around and answer all your questions about our school and enrolment process. Please feel free to call or email Stefanie:

Telephone: +61 3 9489 9364 (general school number)

At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of typical questions. Please feel free to contact Stefanie to discuss these topics in further detail.

Does my child need to speak German to enrol in your Foundation Year level?

Children starting in our Foundation Year do not require any prior German language knowledge. 

Can I enrol my child for later years at your school?

Yes, that is possible. We can support the acquisition of both languages with remedial lessons if required, and cater for the different learning requirements through differentiated instruction.

Am I able to get to know the school personally

We would be delighted to meet you personally. We hold two Open Day events during the year. You will have the chance to experience school life in action and meet our students, teachers & Principal personally. If you are not able to attend our Open Days, we would be delighted to arrange a private school tour with you.

When should I apply for enrolment for my child?

You can send your enrolment application to us at any time after the birth or adoption of your child. The formal enrolment process commences 18 months prior to your child‘s school start. We do recommend you get in touch with us as early as possible to secure a placement.

To whom should I send my application?

Please send me the completed application for enrolment by e-mail. You can download the form and also find further helpful information about our enrolment process here.