School Captains in 2023

At the beginning of each school year, the Year 6 students are invited to apply for the role of school captain. Interested students then submit their written application. All applications are reviewed by the school's leadership team and a few students are selected for an interview. After the interview round, the leadership team selects the two School Captains for the year. After informing the two successful candidates, the two new School Captains will be announced at Assembly.

School Captains 2023 Matilda and Mikkel

School Captain Matilda:

'At DSM we elect two new school captains from Year 6 every year. I wanted to be school captain for a long time, because I wanted to make what was already a great school community even better! So far, I have really enjoyed my experience of being school captain, and Mikkel and I have already organised a food-drive and a school social event. I hope we have made a positive impact on DSM and help inspire younger kids to apply to be school captain.'

School Captain Mikkel:

'My name is Mikkel and I’m a school captain at DSM. The reason I wanted to be a school captain was because I wanted to work with other teachers and students to make the school a better place (not that I don’t think that.) I am really enjoying my time at DSM and could really recommend it. Matilda and I have already organised a few events and are planing to organise more. I hope that more kids want to be school captains and it’s a really fun thing to do. So, if you are a student at DSM, I would definitely go for it.'