The Herold Family

'We chose to send our two daughters Matilda Herold (9 years) and Sophia Herold (6 years) to DSM because Marco is German and we were keen that the kids grew up bilingual and could communicate with their family in Germany.  We actually speak very little German at home because I am English and I can’t speak German well unfortunately. Therefore we felt it was really important that the girls were immersed in the language at school. We have been so impressed by the way the teachers at DSM have taught our children. I was fairly nervous at first that their education would suffer because the school has a strict German immersion policy and my girls could not speak German when they first started at the school. However, it was actually amazing the way the teachers manage this. The girls did not complain once about not understanding their lessons and by term 3 of Prep, they were fully bilingual. 

The girls are so happy at the school. They love that the school is small and they know everyone. And for us, we’ve made so many friends through the school. Since we have no family here in Melbourne, we appreciate the great community spirit and support we receive from the other DSM families.'