The Atteya Family

A few months before moving to Melbourne from Cairo – Egypt, we were super excited to have found the school we ever wanted our kids to attend!

Neither my wife nor I had any German language background, however, our older daughter, Haya, was already attending a German school in Cairo. Haya did not speak English at that time, so we were lucky to find the DSM which minimised the negative impact of this migration process on the whole family. We believe the DSM has played a critical role in facilitating the much-needed cultural diffusion. 

The most amazing thing about the DSM community is how welcoming both the faculty and students are to any new students. The level of support we received from the school and its community was fabulous and unmatched. By the second week of school, Haya felt completely at home at the DSM. 

The curriculum at the DSM encourages independent and team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills that will prepare them for further education and crystallise their personalities to suit the new world work environment. 

Four years later, our second daughter Lara, was incredibly happy to join her sister at the DSM and start sharing the joy and friendly environment together. 

The impressive learning process employed by the DSM was just one thing that we believe our daughters will benefit a lot from, not only during school times, but rather a lifetime experience. 

Beyond the core education that our children received, so important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. 

Haya has been remarkably successful at her new school, due in part, to the foundation built through her education at the DSM which is ongoing with the German Language Program for Secondary School Students that broadens her options in the future as a fluent German speaker. 

We have been truly fortunate to be part of this friendly and elite school and community and we are appreciative and thankful to the team at the DSM for their efforts and humble approach to all newcomers.