The Siebold Family

Why did you choose DSM?

'Having one parent with a German background, the choice for DSM was an obvious one, as it is of great interest to us that our children learn the German language, get exposed to the culture and preserve their heritage. Being fluent in German both verbally and in writing is also going to provide the children with an opportunity to study and live in Germany should they so choose to, offering options for their later life. 

How was your experience enrolling your children at DSM?

'The enrolment process was very smooth, and we were informed timely and thoroughly of the steps ahead and what to expect at what stage. Little presents and notes for the successful enrolment added a nice extra touch. We had the impression the assessments both our children went through pre enrolment were very thorough and came to honest assessments whether the child was ready to start school or not.'

What do you as parents like most about DSM?

'It is compelling for us that the school is relatively small (around 140 children across the 7 primary school grades) and has small class sizes providing for more individual attention and for a sense of community knowing more or less everyone on the school grounds. The opportunities the bi-lingual skills will set the children up with will be priceless.'

What impact does it have on your family to have your children attending DSM?

'Having both children attend DSM has been very rewarding. The amount of close new friends with similar interests we made through the school community is fantastic and has gone well beyond the core routines of seeing each other at school drop-offs or pick-ups. Further it has been fun being part of various events being in the centre of the DSM community.'