Video Message from Rolf Zuckowski for Deutsche Schule Melbourne

Rolf Zuckowski's Special Video Message for the DSM Community

For those of you who need some cheering up after weeks in lockdown, we have a very special treat for you today: A special video message from German singer/songwriter Rolf Zuckowski for Deutsche Schule Melbourne!

Rolf Zuckowski is a very famous German singer/songwriter who has written and composed music especially for children, but his songs are very popular among adults, too. Many of his songs have attained the status of folk songs. Zuckowski was born in Hamburg in 1947 and sent us his video message from there.

There are so many famous Rolf Zuckowski songs that it’s hard to decide which ones to mention. You might all know the song ‘Die Jahresuhr’ because it is often used to teach Foundation Year students the months and seasons of the year. And I am sure all of you know the song ‘In der Weihnachtsbäckerei’ from our Christmas Market. Not to forget the most beautiful birthday song ‘ Wie schön, dass du geboren bist’ from 1981 – which I clearly remember singing when I was in primary school. He starts his video message with his famous song ‘Unsre Schule hat keine Segel’ – let me quote from it:

Unsre Schule hat keine Segel,
Und sie fährt nicht auf dem Ozean
Aber wie ein Schiff auf großer Reise
Hat sie manchen Sturm erlebt in all den Jahren

Unsre Schule hat keinen Anker
Doch sie steht und rührt sich nicht vom Fleck
Sie zeigt uns die Welt auf ihre Weise
Und als Käpt'n steht der Rektor auf dem Deck

I found it very moving to watch this video and hope that you are going to enjoy it as much as I did. In his email Rolf Zuckowski mentions that the German radio channel ‘Radio Teddy’ ( has a web channel which plays Rolf Zuckowski songs around the clock - you might like to check it out!

A big Thank You to Franziska-Maria Sethi for organising this!

Warm regards,

Bernice Ressel

Principal / Schulleiterin