How to get to DSM

Our school is easy to find

Deutsche Schule Melbourne is located 6.5 kilometres north (and slightly east) of Flinders Street Station in the heart of Melbourne. Our main entrance is located on Barkly Street.

There is limited parking on Barkly Street, Dean Street and Holden Street to drop off and pick up child/ren. Our school has a car park off Holden Street which parents can use for a quick drop-off or pick-up.

Deutsche Schule Melbourne can be reached via public transport by taking Tram No. 11 from Flinders Street Station/the CBD to arrive at the intersection of Holden Street and St Georges Road in Fitzroy North or alternatively by taking Tram No. 96 to arrive at the intersection of Holden Street and Nicholson Street in Fitzroy North. From each stop it is a very short walk to DSM.

There is a bus stop called Porter Street/Holden Street right in front of the school’s car park which can be reached with bus lines no. 250 and 251. Bus routes no. 250/251 travel from the City (starting at Little Collins Street/Queen Street) via Carlton, Fitzroy North, Clifton Hill either to La Trobe University in Bundoora (route 250) or to the Northland Shopping Centre in Preston (route 251) – and vice versa.

Our students are welcome to come by bike, scooter or skateboard. Bikes and scooters can be parked in dedicated bike racks along Dean Street. Students might choose to bring their skateboards into their classrooms because they are difficult to 'park'.