Excursions and Incursions

Deutsche Schule Melbourne is committed to developing our students into lifelong learners. As part of this process, it is important for students to engage in a range of real-world activities designed to enhance their academic and social development, foster curiosity and connect their learning to the world beyond the classroom.

At every year level, students participate in excursions to sites around the local area to explore concepts and apply skills connected to the curriculum. Each year, the requirements of the curriculum, the interests of the students and current events are taken into consideration to provide students with engaging and enriching experiences. As such, no two years are exactly alike, but the following are examples of the sorts of events that take place:

  • Exploring museum collections and artefacts at Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum, Treasury Museum or the State Library of Victoria
  • Participating in artist workshops at NGV, Ian Potter or Heide Museum of Modern Art
  • Undertaking fieldwork in local parks and the Melbourne Botanic Gardens
  • Participating in sustainability workshops at CERES
  • Hands-on activities and demonstrations at Scienceworks
  • Familiarising students with local community services, such as Bargoonga Nganjin (North Fitzroy Library)
  • Roleplaying at Victorian Parliament
  • Engaging with German-language and cultural events such as the German Film Festival
  • Creating connections to local community groups, e.g. sporting associations, other primary schools and German-speaking entities

In addition to students going off-site, we also welcome a range of people on-site to deliver incursions related to the academic content of the class or to the development and wellbeing of students. Examples of incursions include:

  • Anti-bullying and cybersafety workshops
  • Social and emotional skills workshops
  • Health and body development programs
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guest speakers
  • Sports skills coaches
  • Literacy workshops
  • Science demonstrations
  • Mathematics challenges
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Speakers from the local community, e.g. parents with specific expertise, leaders of local community groups, visiting German officials and artists