Enrolment Process


Choosing a bilingual school for your child’s education is the first step on a very rewarding journey. Giving your child the opportunity to grow up in a bilingual and multicultural environment prepares your child to become a confident global citizen, to appreciate people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and is one of the most precious gifts you can give your child.

Deutsche Schule Melbourne welcomes applications for enrolment from students with a background in English, German, or any other language at primary school level. Students without a background in German are eligible to apply for enrolment in the Preparatory Year. Language testing may be required for students entering the school at later year levels to ensure that they are fully able to participate in the schools programs.

The process involves the submission of the enrolment documents, including the latest school report and an interview with the Head Teacher which includes both parents/guardians and the student. The purpose of the meeting is to explore whether the school and its programme are able to meet the family's needs and expectations and vice versa.


Please refer to the following forms:

Application for Enrolment 50 KB Download Now 
Enrolment Policy 50 KB Download Now 
Conditions of Enrolment 50 KB Download Now 
Fee Schedule 2018 50 KB Download Now 

Open Days

Deutsche Schule Melbourne schedules a number of Open Days each year. The Open Days provide an excellent opportunity for families to get to know the school, the bilingual environment and curriculum. Students and parents can experience first hand what it feels like being at a bilingual school, meet the teachers and talk with other parents about their experiences at the school whilst enjoying some morning tea.

In 2018 Open Day is scheduled for:
Open Day: Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 09:30am - 11.30pm

If you wish to attend our Open Days, please register here or by sending an email including your contact details, the name(s) and date(s) of birth of your child(ren) to . We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Enrolment Procedure

As with most independent schools, places at Deutsche Schule Melbourne are limited and an application does not guarantee placement for the child. The school encourages interested families to apply for enrolment as early as possible.

DSM welcomes applications from families with a German, English or other background. Children who start in the Preparatory Year at the DSM do not have to have any prior German skills.

According to our enrolment policy, children need to be 5 years of age on the 1st of January in their Preparatory Year. This cut-off date has been set to reflect the academic demands that are required of children in a bilingual school with an early immersion programme. Since 2016 we do offer assessments for children born between the first of January and the 30 of April. For more information please contact the school office to .

To apply for a spot at DSM, we require the "Application for Enrolment" and following information:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of passport(s)
  • Copy of Australian visa, if citizen of a country other than Australia
  • Copy of students latest school/kindergarten report
  • Copy of Immunisation Record
  • Description of medical history or Doctor's report, if applicable

Please make sure that your application includes all requested documents. Unfortunately, the school can not process incomplete applications. During the school year it t is always possible to hand in an application.

Enrolment Interview

We will contact you to arrange a family meeting with the deputy head teacher, approximately 18 months prior to the time your child starts school. The meeting has the purpose to answer your questions, get to know your child and your family better and make sure that expectations regarding this important relationship are aligned.

Offer of Place

If the application was successful you will receive a written Offer of Place. Once an offer has been made, the offer must be accepted within 21 days to guarantee placement.

To accept an offer of enrolment at DSM payment of a deposit will be required. This deposit consists of a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $1,400 and a Bond of $3,000. The Bond only needs to be paid once per family. Once the last family member has left the school the bond will be refunded interest-free.

Confirmation of Place

Upon receipt of the Enrolment Fee and Bond, written confirmation of enrolment is provided.

Transition Days / Induction Interview

To facilitate the transition from Kindergarten to Primary School, we are holding four transition days for students of the Preparatory year in October/November before the school starts. We strongly recommend that students attend all days. These days will give your child/ren the opportunity to become more familiar with the school, the teachers, and future classmates over the course of several weeks.
Students that start in higher grades or within the school year will have a meeting with the Head Teacher and the Class Room Teacher before they start school.