Bilingual Education Webinar Series

In our increasingly connected world – and with some 300 languages spoken in Australia – it’s not hard to recognise the value of learning a second language from a young age. Despite our country becoming more diverse, however, only 10% of Australia’s Year 12 students in 2016 took a second language – compared to a staggering 40% in 1960. 

So, as a parent, how can you impart the love for a foreign language onto your children? And how can you ensure a long-lasting proficiency and passion for that language? We are initiating a 'Bilingual Education Webinar Series' with international speakers to support bilingualism and offer insights about bilingual education. Register below for our upcoming webinars:

13 May 2021 at 12.30 pm 'Common Worries and Myths When Raising Bilingual Children'

Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D. is a bilingualism expert at the University of Massachusetts with more than twenty years of research experience in the fields of bilingualism and linguistics. In this live webinar, Barbara will de-mystify bilingual learning. The webinar will be interactive and include a life Q&A session.

In her book, Raising a Bilingual Child, Dr. Barbara Pearson describes case studies of different families pursuing bilingual education for their children.

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