Recordings of Deutsche Schule Melbourne's Bilingual Education Webinar Series

Professor John Hajek 'Strategies and Resources for Raising Bilingual Children

Prof John Hajek is a Professor of Italian Studies and Director of the Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-cultural Communication at the University of Melbourne. He studied at universities in Australia and Italy before completing his PhD at Oxford in the UK. He has actively promoted language maintenance in the home for many years, and organized and given many seminars on the topic. John has published widely in these areas for many years and has written more than 200 publications overall. In 2014, he co-edited the book ‘Challenging the Monolingual Mindset’ which includes a chapter on the Deutsche Schule Melbourne authored by Dr Averil Grieve. In 2019, he was awarded the AFMLTA medal and the FIPLV international award for his contribution to language education and multilingualism in Australia.

Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D. 'Common Worries and Myths when Raising Bilingual Children'

Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D. is a bilingualism expert at the University of Massachusetts with more than twenty years of research experience in the fields of bilingualism and linguistics. In this live webinar, Barbara will de-mystify bilingual learning. The webinar will be interactive and include a life Q&A session.

In her book, Raising a Bilingual Child, Dr. Barbara Pearson describes case studies of different families pursuing bilingual education for their children.

Francesca La Morgia: 'Raising bilingual children: 5 tips for success in the early years'

This live webinar focused on some of the key tips to successfully raise bilingual children. Participants learned about activities that boost language skills in early childhood and common approaches for success in raising bilingual children in the early years.

Dr Francesca La Morgia, Director of Mother Tongues in Ireland, addressed parents' doubts, concerns, and curiosities in a lively Q&A.

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