The Jacob Family

'With Chinese, English, and German at home, we were already interested in how to best teach Lisa all before she was even born, talking to multilingual friends which have been through this. When it came to school, we discovered the concept of bilingual schools rather by accident. We attended the open days and found it to be a good concept to further enhance Lisa’s language skills, because it’s hard to do this consistently at home if the other partner doesn’t understand a word. Of course, the prospect of maybe studying in Germany was in the back of Dad’s mind a bit. With the enrolment process being straight forward, Lisa started the Foundation year in January 2021. The entire school community is very close and friendly. Lisa made a lot of new friends - and kids and parents meet socially outside of school quite often. One of the most noticeable improvements, after only 2 terms, is that Lisa started to reply more in German to the grandparents. Looking forward to crafting one more Zuckertüte in 2025 for brother Liam.'