Familie Thomas

Familie Thomas Deutsch-Australisch

Like many others we found out about the German School at one of their Christmas Markets. With one parent coming from Germany, it was and easy choice for us to send our kids to DSM. The chance for them to be immersed in German everyday was such a good opportunity. 

When our eldest was around three we went to one of their “Open Days” and instantly had a good feeling about the school. We liked the “homey feeling” and the obvious advantage of learning English and German. Now both of our children are attending DSM (Prep and Year 2) and we are very happy with the school. The school has the right size for us and our kids don’t have the impression they are getting lost. Everyone knows each other, the kids and the teachers.

It is amazing to see them grow in the first year of Prep, learning to read and write in German and English. It just somehow happens. By the end of that year, you can even have a conversation with kids from a non-German background. Especially the foundation year is very play-based as the teachers familiarise the children with the German language.

We feel that attending DSM has a lot of advantages for our children. Simultaneously learning to read and speak two languages is great for their cognitive development, social skills and opens the opportunity for them later on to be able to study in Germany. The disadvantage is that you end up with a lot of books (German and English) in your bookshelf at home!
What we appreciate most about the school are the fantastic teachers that put so much effort into the children’s development, the sense of community around it and the nice families that we have met.