Planning for Years 7 and 8

DSM’s process for expanding into secondary education

For planning purposes, we ask interested families to get in touch with our Admissions Manager Stefanie Dietrich as soon as possible. 

Preparing our school

To find teachers best suited to our school, our Principal Jörg Dopfer and HR Manager Selina Thomas will travel to Germany in March 2023 to commence job interviews at the didacta in Stuttgart. This is the largest trade fair of the education industry in Europe. We will then continue to recruit teachers in Australia.

We are currently finalising a long-term lease to begin the master planning for the extension of our primary school and our new state-of-the-art secondary school facilities.

Secondary School Fees

We expect fees for Years 7 and 8 to be 20-30% higher than the Year 6 tuition fees. This reflects increased hours of tuition per week and more specialised teaching staff, as well as additional support and extension programs.