New Classroom Space

We are in the process of building our highly anticipated new classroom space, which will be the future learning area for our Foundation Year and Year 1 students. The architects at Steffen Welsch Architects have come up with some fantastic designs. Here are some interesting details about the design concept.

- Inspired by nature, using forest greens and blues along with tree-like shapes on the walls
- Organic forms to represent nature, as well as soften the joinery edges
- Timber veneer throughout, giving the space warmth and connecting with ideas of forestry
- Wide, open plan to allow for flexibility
- Varying carpeting colours to delineate/differentiate zones
- Sliding panel partitions to break up the space for smaller groups
- Pops of orange and yellow to brighten the space, used for the acoustic panels
- Storage incorporated into the organic hill-like forms
- Eco-friendly materials

We are very excited to start the school year 2020 with a brand-new learning space for our younger students.