DSM School Counsellor Mariano Tabone

Unser Schulsozialarbeiter Mariano Tabone hat einen 'Master’s Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy' und viele Jahre Berufserfahrung als praktizierender Schulsozialarbeiter, Jugendcoach, Mentor, Erzieher, Trainer und Gutachter. Er ist hochqualifiziert für die Arbeit mit Kindern aller Altersgruppen. Mariano arbeitet einen Tag die Woche auf unserem Schulgelände.

Mariano Tabone

As the DSM School Counsellor, my focus is to provide excellence in supporting student welfare and contribute enthusiastically to the broader positive culture of the school.The aim is to help students achieve academic and personal goals, including social development, to help improve adjusting to the school setting.

I also work closely with parents/guardians to address challenging behavioural issues and coexisting needs. In some cases, meeting with students/parents in person, by phone or by e-mail can be arranged to work efficiently and objectively, all in the student’s best interest.

By working closely with teachers and other DSM co-workers, a well-being program can be structured to further strengthen the long-term success of our students.

As a member of PACFA professional association, I can provide in-school counselling to students and recommend referrals to external agencies where required to assist with safety and welfare needs.

Above all, I am dedicated to providing counselling support care for our DSM students and contributing by creating a positive and safe impact on their development.